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Every company has a story, and “Love” is ours. When we just started, this was the first orchid that we launched in our humble online shop. The high demand for this variant is what made Plantista Manila transition from your “regular plant shop” to specialists in rare & unique Phalaenopsis orchids.


  • Rare and oh so cute! Our dual-stem miniature Phalaenopsis orchids paired together in an elegant Sirena Capiz shell pot. Love stands up to 12 inches tall, with a flower diameter reaching up to 1.5 inches.

    Available in:

    White or Black minimalist terracotta pot

    Perlas or Ginto Sirena Collection Capiz shell pot

    • WATER: 30 mL or 3 ice cubes to the roots only, once a week or when the soil is dry. It is better to underwater than overwater.
    • LIGHT: Very bright but indirect morning sun.
    • PLACEMENT: Very high humidity. No direct fan or AC.
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